Swingtime is Stanford's premiere performance-based swing dance troupe.

Our specialty is Savoy-style Lindy Hop, a style of swing born in late-'20s Harlem. We work with professional choreographers, dance historians, and dance legends to recreate swing-era dances and integrate current trends.

Swingtime's repertoire ranges from smooth swing with sleek moves to fast-paced Lindy Hop with jaw-dropping aerials. We are continually pressing the limits of how smooth, fast, and high we can go!


We bring the party.

Want to jazz up your company party or dance showcase? We love doing gigs of all kinds. Options including choreographies, swing dancing lessons, or both.

Our pieces range from cute and cheery to smooth and jazzy, so if you're looking to set a particular mood, we're happy to help!

For booking or general enquiries, please e-mail us at email.

“Our guests were… delighted by your youthful and exuberant dancing! Drawing everyone onto the dance floor after your show for a group swing dance lesson was also a huge success.”
– Jill Olson

See us in action.

Check out our YouTube Channel, where you can find a compilation of performance videos.

Alternatively, check out our photo gallery above for pictures of us in action!


Mailo Numazu
Artistic Director
John Rees
Artistic Director
Alexandra Bernard
Sarah de Ugarte
Vice President
Ben Share
Vice President
Arkira Chantaratananond
Vice President
Richard Lin
Maya Ziv
Digital Media Chair
Alumni Relations Chair
Guy Blanc
Financial Officer
Ima Grullon
Social Chair
Social Media Chair
Auditions Chair
Ben LeRoy
Aerial/Safety Chair
Sam Spinner
Events Chair
Auditions Chair
Noa Bendit-Shtull
Manuka Stratta
Anna Zeng
Jessica de la Paz


Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

Think you have what it takes? Even if you're not sure, come and try out anyway! When we say no experience necessary, we mean it. Swingtime members are chosen for attitude as much as aptitude – many of our current members had never danced before. As a bonus, you'll learn part of an actual Swingtime choreo!

Auditions occur during the second week of fall quarter. Once 2019 auditions have been scheduled, we'll post the details here and on our facebook page!


For booking and general enquiries, email us at


Swingtime members often dance socially, but we are primarily a performance group. For information on Lindy Hop lessons and dance parties, check out The Stanford Lindy Project.

Many thanks to Paul Csonka, Babacar Cedric Ndoye, Lucas Garron, David Chia, William Ito, and our other photographers for the photos on this page.